Hiring & Onboarding

Tailor your hiring process by creating a custom hiring pipeline for each job, using a drag-and-drop interface. This way, you can manage every candidate at every stage, ensuring that the hiring process is streamlined and efficient, leading to faster hires.

Right Candidate Seamlessly

Experience the evolution of recruitment with our innovative approach harmonizes talent and opportunity, streamlining the path to your ideal candidate. Embark on a journey to excellence, where finding the perfect fit is effortless.

Seamless Doc.

Send personalized offer letters that can be electronically viewed, tracked, and signed. You can receive notifications as soon as an offer is accepted, making the hiring process more efficient and effective.

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Core HR and people management

Our core HR and people management platform for global businesses. Track essential employee data, digitize your manual HR processes, and improve your employee experience.

Find top 1% Talents

Manage all your people processes on one platform. Use LuTA Hire and LuTA Payroll along with LuTA Core HR to find talented employees.

Data Automation

Automatically create profiles for each employee that track personal and contact information, job and compensation details, assigned assets, signed paperwork and more.


Powerful Solutions for Your Business Needs

Focus on your business, let us worry about your team!

Perfect Talents

We specialize in connecting businesses with top-tier professionals who embody skill, dedication, and innovation. Our curated selection encompasses diverse fields and industries, ensuring an ideal match for your unique needs. Elevate your team with individuals who not only meet but exceed expectations.

Powerful Dashboard

Seamlessly manage and oversee every aspect of your operations through an intuitive interface that puts you in control. From data analytics to real-time insights, our dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your business processes.

Efficiency & Control

With everything in one place, your team can learn new skills, you can find new talents, one-click payment and even receive payment for your business.

Everything you need to have a great team

AI-powered talent sourcing, vetting, matching, Core-HR, Payroll and compliance platform.

Data Driven Dash

Simplifies all-in-one platform to serve as your business HQ, find the right talents, onboard in less than 5 minutes, engage employee, compensation and compliant, attendance and leave management.

Included with...

  • Payroll & Compensation
  • Leave Management
  • Business Finance
  • Performance (PMS)
  • Attendance Management
  • Document Manager
  • Events & Travel
  • Training and Re-skilling

Business Finance

Business modules that help you generate invoice, estimate, send invoices to your clients with one click and accept payments. You will never need any other app.

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Project Tools

Go beyond HR, manage all your projects task from one platform.

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Employee Evaluation

Quickly analylize employee productivity with KPI, KPA, Track Goals (OKRs) and more.

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Leads & Clients

Do more with our business module for managing leads and clients all from one platform. With our business module, LuTA automatically becomes your business HQ.

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More Reasons to Choose LuTA

We have assisted over 300 businesses in saving time, money, and resources through various means.

Hire Talents

By using LuTA Hire to recruit pre-screened professionals, you can save both time and money and you still find the perfect talent for the job.

Get Hired

Become a part of our community of skilled professionals and start earning right away. Select your areas of expertise and undergo the vetting process.

Build with LuTA

LuTA Product Studio relieves you from the burden of managing the dev team by offering a partnership and taking care of everything else.

Learn at LuTA

LuTA Univerty (LuTA-verse) is a digital school for learning Software Engineering without payment until you land a job — no matter where you live.


What They Say About Us

Global businesses love LuTA

Rachael Cole

Amazing tool to simplify HR processes

Our HR department has been using LuTA HR-SaaS for the past year, and it's been a game-changer. The platform is easy to use, and the features are exactly what we needed to streamline our HR processes. It's made our jobs much easier, and we couldn't be happier with the results.

Rachael Cole

HR Manager
Akintola Gbadebo

The best investment ever in HR!

LuTA HR-SaaS has been a fantastic investment for our company. The software is incredibly user-friendly, and it's helped us automate so many HR tasks that used to take us hours to complete. We're now able to focus on more strategic HR initiatives, and it's made a huge difference in our overall productivity.

Akintola Gbadebo

Shade Abule

performance Evaluation at it Best

We started using LuTA HR-SaaS to help us manage our employee performance evaluations, and it's been a lifesaver. The platform is incredibly intuitive, and the reporting features are top-notch. We're now able to get real-time insights into our employees' performance, and it's helped us make more informed decisions about promotions, raises, and career development

Shade Abule

Technical Recruiter
Ada Oseni

Incredible tool!

LuTA HR-SaaS has revolutionized the way we manage our HR processes. The platform is incredibly flexible, and we've been able to customize it to meet our specific needs. The customer support team is also amazing - they've been incredibly responsive and helpful every time we've had a question or needed assistance.

Ada Oseni

HR Recruiter

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